Green Tea Facts

Green tea is like regular black tea and it comes from leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant. Green tea leaves are steamed, or baked, shortly after plucking, where black tea is not. Because green tea is not fermented, the finished leaves are very similar to the natural leaves from a tea bush.

Green Tea has been proven over and over that it has many health benefits for us. Green Tea has been said to reduce tumors and stop the growth of new cancer cells. It has an amazing anti aging benefit that some say have made them look ten years younger. The antioxidants in tea are compared to over 21 fruits and vegetables. More so in the Green Tea than regular. It has been shown to help in heart attacks and other health related issues. One study has shown to be helping with cataracts. One Green Tea fact is that the polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants in the green tea, favors bacteria that are good for the system while attacking the bad.

Some of the other claims green Tea has are useful in treating tumors, abscesses, bladder problems, lowering cholesterol, diabetes, weight loss some degenerative diseases, just to name a few. Another Green tea fact has been said that it will inhibit HIV virus binding and may be a treatment for many HIV patients.

Green Tea Facts

More Green tea facts are sleep apnea has been helped by drinking green tea. One Green Tea Fact that has everyone excited is that it may help Alzheimer patients.
However, nothing is written in stone and as with everything else you must use at your own risk. Green tea may be great for one person and cause side effects in another. Start small and have a cup with one meal then go to two then three. See how you feel after each one. Try each for a week, then move up to one more. I would not drink a gallon a day but have as much as you normally would coffee.

Here is some of the most important Green tea Facts:

• Cut stroke by up to 80%
• Recommended by Cancer Society as a “High Priority for Cancer Prevention”
• Protects the prostate from cancer
• Proven to help with weight loss
• One of the strongest anti-oxidants available
• Helps digestion and reduces bloating
• Normalizes healthy bacteria in the intestines
• Proven to help prevent heart disease
• Helps stop dental decay and gum disease
• Helps with bad breath

So there you have it, the best Green Tree facts you can judge for yourself on what is important to you as far as your health and you just may decide to try green Tea after all for yourself. If you do not like the tea, you can always buy the pill form but make sure it is from a reputable company with the most polyphenols you can get. There are many scammers out there that sell a fake pill with hardly anything in it.

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