Discovering the Benefits of Wu-Yi Green Tea

Among the different types of green tea available in the market, wu-yi green tea is a powerful fat burner that has metabolism boosting powers that surpass other green tea varieties as a result of the harvesting different types of tea that grows in the legendary Wu-yi Mountain, located in the heart of the Fujian Province in China.

These teas area collectively used to produce other types of green tea such as the Dahongpao and Oolong tea, which peculiar flavor comes from the mineral soil of the Chinese mountain. Wu-yi green tea became popular after the Wu-Yi Mountain entered the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1999 for both its cultural and natural heritage.

Wu-yi green tea enjoys the same benefits that other types of green tea, as it can boost your metabolism and fortify your immune system, being also a great fat burner aid that improves your skin condition and provides overall wellness. People who are concerned about drinking too much tea have nothing to worry about because this type of tea has no side effects.

Benefits of wu yi green tea

During it processing, wu-yi green tea has a minimal oxidation levels, the reason why we can say it is caffeine free, although it is not a rich-flavored beverage, which the aroma is not as appealing as people might think. However, this tea is often over priced and may be available as a complementary ingredient in different dietary and nutritional supplements.

The natural burning fat properties of wu-yi green tea in weight loss management are widely recognized by traditional Chinese medicine due to a compound found in most types of green tea called polyphenol. This is a type of antioxidant found in plants that was classified as Vitamin P until further research found it is a non-essential compound for the human body.

Oolong and wu-yi teas have a higher concentration of polyphenols than other types of green tea, that is why health care providers recommend drinking them with moderation even though they also prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease. Focusing on weight loss management, drinking wu-yi tea along with a well-balanced diet and proper exercising can help to weight 20-30 pounds less in no more than two months.

Keep in mind that walking 30 minutes a day is an easy physical activity to round out your weight lose program based on wu-yi green tea, an herbal solution that does not contain carbs or calories. If you want to try this infusion, it is advisable to drink two cups of wu-yi tea twice a day or the intake of wu-yi tea capsules following the directions of your health care provider.

Wu-yi tea caps are made from blending green tea and oolong tea with other natural extracts such as ginseng, citrus, and guarana to increase the benefits of the beverage without causing the health risks of chemical diet pills. In fact, drinking tea is 100 times more beneficial than the regular intake of vitamin C and 25 times more effective than vitamin D so you must not be afraid to try wu-yi green tea.

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